The Walking Dead Just Dropped A Premiere Clip


Stop what you’re doing, Walking Dead fans. Following quite a while of holding up, the show just dropped an expanded clasp from the forthcoming debut. It’s awful. It’s ridiculous, and it may well be the most unnerving footage of Negan the show has given us.

Aside from maybe Game Of Thrones, there is no appear on TV that fabricates tension superior to The Walking Dead. From Negan’s inescapable entry to Glenn’s destiny by the dumpster, these verbal confrontations are damn close as fun as watching the appear. Obviously, the civil argument everybody needs to discuss now is which darling character met Negan’s startling bat, Lucille, amid the finale. Sadly, regardless we don’t know from this clasp, yet in the event that nothing else, it ought to make each and every Walking Dead fan substantially more started up to see the debut.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth as yet guessing about which poor mongrel is going to eat it in the debut, particularly since this clasp gives an entirely tremendous hint. Rick has a huge amount of blood splatter on him, however it’s focused on the right half of his face. In principle, that would imply that whoever was really hit with the bat was on his right side, which is extraordinary news for a portion of the characters and terrible news for different characters.

Check out the walking dead season 7 episode 1 online.


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