The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek

New York Comic Con participants got a first look on Saturday at another review of The Walking Dead Season 7 debut, and the serious clasp may simply change a couple of hypotheses on all the harm new baddie Negan unleashes on Rick Grimes and his gathering.

The video starts promptly after the merciless, and very shocking, kill by Negan of an individual from Rick’s gathering. We know, since when Negan pushes the bat in Rick’s face, it’s as yet dropping with the blood of… somebody.

“I’m going to murder you,” a crushed Rick tranquilly guarantees Negan. “Not today, not tomorrow… but rather I’m going to kill you.”

Negan isn’t anxious about Rick, however. Actually, he accepts the open door to toy with him much further — in a scene that components Emmy-bore exhibitions by both Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Negan discusses his “right-hand man,” and estimates that possibly he just slaughtered Rick’s.

Perhaps he just murdered Rick’s correct hand man… is that a hint about the primary casualty of Negan and Lucille? Is it unquestionably a male character?

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